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Stratigens gives HR leaders data to transform businesses with the speed and ease required in today’s world. We've done the hard work of analysing thousands of external data sources so they can answer questions on their skills, diversity and real estate headaches. We enable quicker business decisions about workforce and workplace, revolutionised in their logic and simplicity. Unlike traditional approaches that are lengthy, costly, one-dimensional or based on gut feel.

When it comes to HR strategy: it pays to employ facts, not feelings.

Stratigens, from Talent Intuition, provides access to the external people data you need to deliver your strategy.  Data is analysed and displayed in an interactive format, allowing you to configure reports and collaborate with colleagues.

Access external talent data

Big data shows location of key skills

Search skills, culture and property data

Relevant curated HR news

Configure searches and reports

Collaborate with peers

Putting people at the centre of strategic decision-making

Delivering your strategy relies on you having a team with the skills your business requires in the future.

See how Stratigens works

Stratigens continually gathers people, location and mood data from multiple sources, providing insight to answer strategic questions.

Do we have the skills base to deliver our strategy? If not, where will we find these skills? Are we in the right locations to deliver our strategy?

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Be ready to thrive in unexpected circumstances

Stratigens enables you to predict human capital trends and visualise the future.

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Whatever the scenario; skills, trends, behaviours and activity outside your organisation are influencing your chances of success. Stratigens makes sure you’re ahead of the game by bringing external talent analytics to your fingertips.

About Stratigens

Securing your future competitive advantage

Stratigens provides access to external people data to help you deliver strategy.

  • Inform location and new market decisions
  • Keep your finger on the external pulse of best practice
  • Access valuable insight not accessed in a normal web search
  • Collaborate across teams and amongst peers

Strategy-led location decisions

People are your greatest asset and great people are always in demand. Whether you are entering a new market or consolidating locations, Stratigens provides collective intelligence for informed decision-making.

New markets and acquisitions

All businesses are expanding their product and service ranges to remain competitive. Understanding skills supply and demand, employer brand perceptions, employee expectations, employment law and HR maturity all impact the viability and cost of doing business.

Business continuity

Understanding where the people are that you need to deliver your strategy is risk management at its best. Stratigens enables you to take a proactive approach to managing people risk.

Secure competitive advantage

“What business are we in now and what business do we want to be in? Do we have the skills and capabilities and who will we compete with for talent?”

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Stratigens provides access to external data and analytics in a user-friendly format so you can save and share reports.


Access big people and talent data to show location of key skills including data not found in a normal web search.


Combine location, skills, culture and property data. Challenge your plans and compare data to make better informed decisions

Stay informed

Relevant curated HR news and thought leadership. Find out what’s new, what’s changing and what’s unusual in your competitive environment.


Results are presented in a visually interactive format. Download and configure your own reports.


Comment, save and share stories and reports with other users.

To find out more about Stratigens and to book a demo please contact us. Or, if you are interested in becoming a Stratigens partner by offering Stratigens through your business please get in touch using the contact details below.

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