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External people analytics

Stratigens is an award-winning platform that provides strategic talent intelligence data. Stratigens enables you to join the dots between skills, location, and diversity so you know where people are with the skills you need and where you need to be to access them.


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What does Stratigens do?

Helps you think skills first

By taking a skills-first, rather than job title, based approach, Stratigens opens up new and diverse talent pools. Stratigens shows skill supply and demand by location and visualises the data in simple editable reports. 


  • Skills
  • Location
  • Diversity

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Connects workforce and workplace

Stratigens provides external data on the factors that will drive your people strategy into the future. Access data on connectivity, carbon footprint, cost of living, infrastructure, people risk, talent flow, economic health and workforce wellbeing.


  • Skills
  • Location
  • Diversity


Discover new talent pools

Stratigens helps you discover untapped pools of talent so you know where the diversity dial can be turned quickly, and where a longer-term strategy is needed. Stratigens breaks down the pools of talent by skill, ethnicity, age and gender.


  • Skills
  • Location
  • Diversity

Labour market analytics that joins the dots

servicesIcon1 Unrivaled data

1,500 credible data sources on 552 cities in 52 countries in one platform. Understand where opportunities exist and how to close talent gaps.

servicesIcon3 Bring an external lens to people analytics

Benchmark against the external market using 350 million profiles and over 10 million data points. Drive data-led decision making that helps you save money, reduce risk and drive competitive advantage.

servicesIcon2 Join the dots

The only labour market analytics platform that combines talent intelligence, business intelligence and workforce planning. Join the dots between skills, real estate and diversity.

servicesIcon4 Analytics plus consultancy

Access to our award-winning platform plus project and research support for large and fast-growing medium-sized businesses. Combine the best of quantitative and qualitative data. 

Why Stratigens?

Condense weeks of research into seconds, delivered at a fraction of the cost of consultancies.
Make better strategic decisions about how, when, and where you procure talent.
Connect workforce and workplace using data on people and places from thousands of external sources.
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How can we help you?

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Stratigens. Please contact us if you'd like to chat. 

How do I get access to the Stratigens platform? Stratigens is bought as an annual subscription. You can add managed data services (which includes access to the platform) or buy bespoke services from us which we provide using data from Stratigens
Do you offer a free trial? We offer a tailored demo based on your organisational challenges so you can see how the platform works and the results it generates. As part of the demo we can provide you with a free report based on the real challenge you’ve provided us with. Please talk to us about trial platform access
What is Stratigens used for? Stratigens™ is an insights platform that finds, models and analyses data about people, skills and places globally, so companies can make better decisions about their people, organisation & workplaces. Stratigens is used by global businesses so they can manage their skills supply chain, optimise where they have people and to inform their diversity strategies. To understand the business challenges that Stratigens can help you solve, check out our 'joining the dots' interactive graphic here: Join the Dots using Stratigens
What countries and cities are covered? We cover 550 cities in 50 countries and Stratigens is the most global platform in this space. Please contact the team here for a full list of countries and cities, or to discuss any locations that would be critical to your success. We are open to adding new locations into the platform
What data sources does Stratigens use? Stratigens pulls from over 1480 data sources and uses over 200 identifiers and indexes to compile our insights and search analytics. We use over 32,000 data sources for news. This list is growing all the time, especially as we build out our data in non-English speaking countries