Alison Ettridge


Alison is Stratigens CEO and Chief Believer - living the entrepreneur’s dream! Alison knows that you can’t make good decisions without good data, and yet business leaders are forced to make decisions with little, or no, data at all. Alison loves helping HR Directors take data and insight to the Board so they can make smarter decisions about where to grow, where to invest and the diversity of their business; helping them to convince their leaders (turning them into Believers!). Alison has spent twenty plus years in the world of people and talent – from her first job in executive recruitment, to sales at and then into the world of talent research and intelligence, which was where she spotted the opportunity for Stratigens – to bridge the gap between strategy and execution with data. 


Alison enjoys leading the amazing Stratigens team who all have a passion to change the way people view the skills, roles and diversity of the global workforce and workplaces to genuinely drive change in our clients’ organisations for the better and doing it with data. The team all have curious minds and Alison loves the challenge that brings. Alison is in charge of bringing the team on the journey from start up to small business and now scaling, helping us to understand what's changing and what matters – and coupling this with the importance of remembering why we're doing this (the Belief thing just won't go away). 


When she’s not leading the charge at Stratigens, Alison has the most gorgeous (and patient) husband and an amazing little girl and a variety of different four legged creatures who keep her busy. Weekends are spent on the back of a horse or hauling a fat pony with a child on around!