Alan Glass

Chief Money Manager (COO)

Alan is our COO. He loves the challenge of creating a successful business from just an idea. He’s been instrumental in taking the Stratigens concept, producing plans, getting it funded, building the team and then delivering on the plan to create a global scale up business. At Talent Intuition, Alan is in charge of giving us budgets, support and guidance to make things happen so that the team can grow and develop without being micro-managed.

Alan’s background is in engineering consultancy which is took on straight after graduation, followed by 30 years in the software and services sector in various management, consultancy and founder roles. Most recently, Alan was the co-founder and MD of an IT services business which later floated on the AIM market. When he’s not creating value for Talent Intuition, he enjoys time socialising with family and friends, sport, and of course as our COO, keeping up to speed on current affairs.

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