How we averted the costs of poor location planning for a global engineering consultancy

Stratigens averted the costs of poor location for a global engineering consultancy by providing insight into early career talent. By analysing 1300 data sources and 1.5 million profiles in under an hour Stratigens helped the company save millions in real estate investment

Our client is a global consultancy, with more than 3,000 consultants operating across a variety of industries

The client problem

This consultancy was producing a report for their client on engineering talent in the UK. The end client wanted to understand where to locate a regional hub for engineering in the UK. They needed to understand the size of the market, the hot spot locations for engineers and the universities that the talent had come from. 

Their challenge was that this data is in thousands of different sources, in an unstructured format, and it would be time consuming and cost prohibitive to produce the report for their client.

The solution

Using Stratigens™, we were able to produce a report that showed the hot spots regionally, the levels of experience and the early careers pools for engineering talent. We were able to produce this data in less than an hour using Stratigens ™ to scan more than 1,300 different data sources and more than 1.5 million UK engineering profiles.

Stratigens™ produces widgets of insights in a highly visual way that the consultancy was able to lift and import into their report.

The outcome

The consultancy was able to produce a report for their end user client within a one-week period at a cost that was acceptable to both parties and not prohibitive. 

As a direct result of the data derived from Stratigens™ they were confidently able to say that there was not one regional hot spot location for engineering talent that could serve the majority of their client’s needs. 

As a result, they saved their client millions of pounds in building a new location and were instead able to make recommendations on where to site the talent based on their existing locations, based on a different approach to internal talent management.

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