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How Stratigens is informing the diversity strategy of a multinational energy company

Using Stratigens data on an ongoing basis, our client will be able to model the company’s diversity ambition from 2022 to 2030 based on matching the market through hiring inclusively.

Our client

Our client is a global energy company with a commitment to low carbon and a net zero ambition. Meeting this ambition requires wholesale business transformation including skills transformation, a major part of which involves building a more diverse workforce.

The client problem

Like many organisations, our client faces challenges in meeting its goals for diversity which feed into the organisation’s cultural and inclusivity objectives. Diversity is priority for the CEO and as one strand of activity, our client wanted to benchmark their organisational composition against the external talent market.


Understanding the diversity of their internal and external availability (at a skills level) would help the client identify where they should focus their efforts in order to achieve greater diversity across the business.

Our client wanted to provide recommendations to the Board to set diversity ambitions for the future that were data-led.

The solution

Our client used proprietary data and analysis from Stratigens to analyse the diversity of external skills populations in the US, UK & Europe against a range of critical job families. The Stratigens team extracted and mapped skills and diversity data to client specific workday skills and job families based on the client’s internal systems. This data was mapped to the client’s grades, levels and leadership populations accordingly. The dataset extracted and analysed included more than 350 million profiles.

Grade mapping in the external market included combining not only experience and skills, but company size too to ensure that the data was all relevant to our client’s context. To ensure the project remained on track, the Stratigens data team held weekly meetings with the client’s internal data team.

The outcome

To support the client’s inclusive hiring strategy, the internal data analytics team is using Stratigens data to generate a dashboard for the CEO, business leaders and talent acquisition teams. The dashboard clearly shows the client’s internal headcount by grade, job family and location alongside gender and ethnicity, against the available external population (also by grade, job family and location). The dashboard also shows candidates by applicant stage and hiring manager screen – both broken down by gender and ethnicity.

Using Stratigens data on an ongoing basis, this data will be refreshed every six months to provide the senior team with a current lens on diversity. This data will be used in conjunction with the client’s internal talent data to enable scenario modelling. The internal data analytics team will be able to model the company’s diversity ambition from 2022 to 2030 based on matching the market through hiring inclusively.

Download PDF case study: diversity in hiring

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