How we helped a global defence organisation identify new industries for talent acquisition

Stratigens increased the talent pool of a global defence sector organisation by 88% by identifying new target industries for talent acquisition. This data was used to prove skills supply during government contract bids.
Our client is one of the top ten players in the world in aerospace, defence and security, with revenues of more than €10 billion.

The client problem

The business had a clear view of their internal talent pool, a good talent management strategy, a great early careers programme, good leadership development and good visibility of the gaps in their talent pool. An ageing workforce and long-term contracts meant that the client had real gaps in their senior engineering talent pool to fulfil existing contracts. 

The balance between their early careers talent and their experienced talent would soon tip the wrong way. As a result, they urgently needed to understand the pool of available talent and identify whether there was an obvious place to put a regional engineering hub so they could attract and retain this experienced talent in a highly competitive market. The business needed to prove skills supply to win contracts.

The solution

Using Stratigens™ we identified the total pool for senior engineering talent (10 – 15 years’ experience) in the UK, split by specific skills type including chemical engineers, structural engineers, radar engineers etc. A total of 39 specific skills were identified and analysed across the total engineering pool in the UK. To complement this, our data science team was able to identify previous and current industries, previous and current companies and the universities from which this talent had graduated.

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