How we informed the employer brand of a global defence business

Stratigens informed the employer branding strategy of a global defence business that wanted to extend its reach for senior talent beyond direct competitors. Stratigens identified sources of talent with lean manufacturing experience outside traditional talent pools

Our client is a market leading defence business that offers state of the art solutions to protection and security for a number of leading defence and space businesses and national governments


The client problem

A new Group Operations Director from a different industry wanted to understand the senior operations talent within a commutable distance of their site in the South West. Historically, the operations teams had come from defence backgrounds and directly from competitors. Our client realised that the business was a high volume, low margin operations environment. The business needed best in class, lean manufacturing experience.

As a result, the business needed to start interacting directly with consumers. This was a change that meant the businesses needed to attract hire and retain talent with profiles that they’d never needed before.  Just one of the new skills they needed was digital marketing. As a traditional FMCG, our client’s existing sites are manufacturing based and in locations suited to this environment. 

The solution

Using Stratigens ™ we were able to run a high-level search illustrating the numbers of senior operations individuals within a commutable distance of the site. Additionally, we were able to see the demand for this talent to understand how competitive the marketplace was, and the salaries that were being offered to people with this level of experience. Importantly, we were also able to identify the industries employing this talent now. 

The outcome

The business was equipped with a data driven view of how competitive the marketplace was, and they knew what they needed to do in order to compete for best-in-class talent. 

More importantly, the Group Operations Director was able to demonstrate that the talent required was in a number of different industries and that restricting their talent attraction to the defence and space industry the business was severely restricting the talent pool and experience of talent available to the business.

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