Kelly Berryman

Head of Paying Money

Kelly is our finance manager. She joined Talent Intuition because she loves how incredibly friendly the team is and the passion everyone has for their work. Kelly has known our CEO, Alison, for a long time and has watched the business flourish. She sees Alison’s passion reflected in the whole team and the work that comes from it, which is a real testament to our culture. Kelly’s role is to provide us with accurate financial information in a timely manner which helps us to make the correct business decisions. She loves supporting from the accountancy side to free up the rest of the team to focus on their own strengths.

Kelly qualified as a Chartered accountant in Bristol and then worked for an accountancy firm in Cheltenham before setting up her own business in Animal Care and assisting with organising horse events - which she still does alongside running her accountancy business!  Kelly has two dogs, Snoopy and Rupert, with whom she competes in agility classes, and she loves a long pub walk. She also spends a lot of time with her young horse, Una, and enjoys anything that involves being outside with friends and animals. 

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