Lina Shulman

Hands on Data, Head in the clouds

Lina is our chief problem solver and data scientist. She studied mathematics and statistics at university but only really found herself when she discovered data science. Lina joined Talent Intuition because she enjoys seeing how a single question can unfold into thousands of possibilities and later emerges into single solution – which is exactly the process we go through for our clients. As she says, the single or perfect solution doesn’t always look so perfect if you see it from a different angle which is why we need data science, and why so often, one question leads to another.

At Talent Intuition Lina’s passion is applying her AI models to some really difficult problems. Outside work Lina can be found making model airplanes with her son or debating interesting topics and making travel plans for exciting destinations with her daughter. Lina also loves reading and films and loves to get lost in Utopian and fantasy worlds as complete relaxation from work.

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