What does it mean to work with us or for us?

Our story

Hi, I’m Alison Ettridge, founder and CEO of Talent Intuition and creator of Stratigens. Our story is one of a great team of people who came from big company backgrounds to establish a tech-start up in Cardiff three years ago.

Why? Because each of us believes that big external data can change the way we answer our internal questions. That data can connect the dots between strategy, location, business continuity and skills.

Having spent more than 20 years in recruitment, head hunting, research and talent intelligence I found that I was still challenging businesses on why they made strategic decisions based on internal analytics and gut feel and not on skills and big data. It turns out it’s because they just didn’t have access to the right information.

Why should we pick one location for a new office over another? Should we be looking at an office based, remote or hybrid operating model? If we need to consolidate, where should we keep a presence based on the availability of talent? What are other organisations doing about the gender pay gap? Who might our competitors for talent be in future? Accessing this data was expensive, piecemeal and static and often delivered through expensive, time consuming consultancy projects.

This is how Stratigens came about. Built around client developed user cases and by a team of data scientists, with the guidance of established senior professionals from the research and talent intelligence space. What we’ve created is not just talent intelligence or talent analytics – it is business intelligence that joins the dots. Stratigens is changing the way that business leaders make decisions by combining and presenting credible data from almost 1400 data sources.


Our values

We think client first

We hold the hands of every single one of our clients, their success is the only thing that makes our success.

We are transparent - always

We tell our clients the truth, we say when we can and can't help and we use transparency to build trust.


We are curious

Every day is a school day – we learn something from everyone we interact with.


We are persistent

We are determined to change the way companies view and use talent intelligence and will continue to drum the message home.

Work for us 


  1. Stratigens concept developed by founder, Alison Ettridge

  2. Business plan approved

  3. Stratigens receives pre seed round of investment from Development Bank of Wales and key business angels

  4. Cardiff office established

  5. MVP launched and early adopters onboarded to Stratigens

  6. First full time employee recruited

  7. Stratigens platform v1 launched

  8. Stratigens first channel partner sale to major defence business

  9. FMCG early adopter client onboarded

  10. Team grown to 12 employees

  11. Stratigens v2 launched with enhanced user driven features

  12. Stratigens receives seed investment from Development Bank of Wales and key business angels

  13. Financial services early adopter client onboarded

  14. Final seed round of funding

  15. Stratigens wins service industries entrepreneur of the year award at the GBEA Awards

  16. Medtech sector early adopter client onboarded

  17. Insurance sector early adopter client onboarded

  18. Retail banking early adopter client onboarded

  19. Stratigens wins Innovate UK Women in Innovation grant to improve gender balance in engineering roles

  20. Telecoms early adopter client onboarded

  21. Two new sales team members join the business

  22. Stratigens recognised as one of JP Morgan’s Top 200 female powered high growth businesses

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