Alison Ettridge Jan 19 5 min read

3 Key Takeaways from our January State of the Nation on  InfoSec

In this month's State of the Nation we looked at the role of Information Security Analyst from a Global Search perspective. In case you missed it, we delved into some interesting external labour market insights on: New York, London, Bengaluru and Krakow.  Here are our 3 key takeaways.

3 Key Takeaways

  • The importance of using external labour market data to analyse supply and demand across specific regions and locations.

Only by combining supply and demand data can you get a feel for how ‘hot’ a market will be for hiring. Using data on the top employers for a role in a location, companies can see how their employer value proposition will compare to the companies they will compete with for talent. Advanced talent acquisition teams will have created ‘battlecards’ on their key talent competitors to create a high level of understanding.

From a first glance at supply statistics, you would assume that New York is the most competitive market with a supply of 25,016. However, when looking at supply-demand ratio you can see that Bengaluru is the most competitive and has a much higher demand with a ratio of 8:1 compared to New York’s 35:1.


  • The importance of using external labour market data to create realistic diversity targets and turn the dial

We reference a study in which it is found that women make up 11% of the cyber security workforce globally. However, the data from the Stratigens platform shows that the 4 locations we viewed all have higher than 11% representation and 3 of the 4 locations sit around the 20% mark.

You can dive into diversity statistics on a regional level and set diversity targets on the availability of talent in the external market. This way you can benchmark your internal workforce against external availability to figure out if you can turn the dial. Many companies compare their internal ratios in each department against each other – when in reality the most effective way to benchmark is to compare to the external labour market availability.


  • The importance of joining the dots between workforce (the labour market) and workplace (market economics and location) data.

It’s rare for organisations to think through the lens of talent and how they perceive locations. Stratigens looks through the lens of candidates at data points such as Quality of Life, which can be essential for companies to build out employee value propositions.

From this set of data, we can see that New York has the highest quality of life but also has the highest cost of living.

If you'd like to access the more in-depth analysis click here for a recording of the live session.

If you found these insights helpful, or interesting make sure to join us for our next LinkedIn Live State of the Nation on Thursday 9th of February. We will be exploring the job role of Principal Software Engineers in India and the UK.