Alison Ettridge Oct 19 1 min read

Download The A3 Work Revolution Report

The Future of Work Report 2021 “The A3 Work Revolution ”, analyses how work has shifted to an “Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere” model, examining the three megatrends of flexible working hours, new forms of employment that are replacing full time contracts, and a lack of geographical constraints.

A3 WORK REVOLUTION IMAGEThe Future of Work Report is an annual publication by Talent Alpha (a platform that connects over 650 tech companies all around the world, allowing them to share talent in a cloud), and by its global partners including Stratigens and others:  EPAM Systems, Everest GroupGlobal Sourcing AssociationGlobal Technology & Business Services CouncilOpen Assembly,  Sourcing Change and Tolson Consulting.

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Download The A3 Work Revolution