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The Talent Intelligence Collective Podcast Episode 9 - the one with Chris Long

The Talent Intelligence Collective Podcast

Episode 9 - with Chris Long from Preacta

This is what Alan Walker - the editor and host of #ChatTalent had to say about the latest episode of the TIC Podcast.

Welcome to 9th episode of the Talent Intelligence Collective Podcast!

 Where we, meaning me and my far more talented co-hosts Alison Ettridge and Toby Culshaw, stayed up late to welcome Chris Long from Preacta. Based all way on the other side of the world – Australia.

After our usual pleasantries, Toby dived straight in with his update on the happening within the world of Talent Intelligence.

We started by discussing a recently released article by Pawel Adrjan from Indeed, titled “The Office is not dead”. The article states that 60% of remote jobs posted by employers were marked as ‘temporarily remote’. Suggesting that many employers expect their workforce to return to the office post-pandemic.


“I find this really interesting. We aren’t seeing that massive spike in remote roles that we all expected and I think that’s because Zoom Fatigue is not being factored in when we talk about permanent work-from-home strategies”


“I was actually back in the office in June. Working 4 days in the office and working Thursday from home. And I just don’t feel that fully remote is really going to be a model going forward.”


Toby continued with his worldly updates pivoting our chat to something that we already discussed on Ep. 5 with Lyndon Llanes – the mandate by the SEC. But now we are starting to see the data trickling in.

Even though, currently, it’s not delivering a huge amount of value. It’s disjointed and from a varied amount of data sets.


“I’m excited to look at the data again, once the SEC creates standardised metrics – that’s when we are really going to see the true value”


Will this type of publicly available data give a company competitor advantage? And will it allow potential candidates to assess the company and decided if there would enjoy working there?

Alison pointed out that Australia was actually one of the first countries to mandate a quota for gender diversity – we were eager to hear Chris opinion.


“Gender diversity is the target for many big organisations, but there are also talks about other diversity mandates that we will likely see in the future focused more on the internal workforce.”


Reaching the virtual halfway point and clearly, we were eager to find out more about our amazing guest, I figuratively passed the mic onto our resident hard-hitting interviewer extraordinaire – Alison.

We find out Chris’s definition of Talent Intelligence. Examples of how to use external data to influence the business strategy. And a bit more about Preacta, their typical client base and how they integrate Talent Intelligence.


“For me Talent Intelligence is fundamental. We can inform the whole organisation because we dissect such a varied amount of information. We don’t just use location, job title or the usual data points. But also external data to inform what we do internally”



Toby agreed, saying that the Talent Intelligence function wears multiple hats. It can influence the ‘here and now’ immediate decisions. But also the overall business strategy and where to source talent.

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Till the next one – stay intelligent!

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