Alison Ettridge Mar 20 6 min read

Competition for Talent or Competition for Strategy?

Before we launched Stratigens I held a series of workshops with HR Directors to explore what would data and insight would be of most value to them. One of the most interesting discussions we had was about competitor intelligence.

What type of competitor analysis are you looking for? Are you examining competitors for strategy or competitors for talent? What emerged is that we’re looking for answers to the same question but from different angles.

  • Do we build or buy talent?
  • What’s the profile of labour, pay, availability in our target markets?
  • What’s the difference between the viability of two sites?
  • How are other companies tackling the gender pay gap?
  • How do we become more agile?
  • How is digital transformation affecting culture?

All of these questions require a joined-up analysis of people and strategy.

Why we need to look at competition for talent and strategy together

When HBR analysed the common attributes of game-changing organisations they found they had a number of factors in common. Defined as “purpose-driven, performance-oriented, and principles-led”, the researchers found the common thread that weaves them all together is a superior talent strategy.

HBr found that in game-changing organisations:

  • The talent strategy is globally scaled yet locally relevant
  • HR teams constantly scan the external market for innovations in HR and talent management practices
  • Talent policies are built to last but are constantly under review, to ensure that they can respond to changing conditions on the ground and to cultural differences across the globe
  • Committed line leaders and gifted HR managers together create a climate of spirit and energy

So, if game-changing high performing organisations are defined, in part, by their talent strategy then it makes sense that any competitor analysis should also cover both business strategy and talent strategy too.

Technology will be the game changer

The same HBR piece acknowledged that successful business models require that the very best talent be sourced, engaged, developed, and retained; however,  “having a great model is hard enough; finding outstanding talent to execute it is even more challenging, particularly in emerging markets.”

I believe that technology will be the game-changer that enables organisations to bring business strategy and people strategy together - regardless of the market they’re operating in. This is why we developed Stratigens. 

Stratigens helps commercially-minded leaders put people at the heart of every strategic decision. Whether you are entering a new market, consolidating locations, launching a new product or simply expanding your business horizons; our incisive analytics platform and consultancy provide intelligence for informed decision-making.

Do you have the skills base to realise your strategy? And if not, where will you get it from? Skills supply and demand, employer brand perceptions, employee expectations, competitor strategy, and employment law all impact the viability and cost of doing business.

Whatever the scenario; talent trends, behaviours and activity in external environment are influencing your chances of success.  We make sure you’re ahead of the game. And then we’ll be able to keep you informed and tell you what’s new, what’s changing, and what’s unusual.

We bring together data and insight that enables HR leaders to analyse competition for strategy and competition for talent together.  

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