Alison Ettridge Feb 1 1 min read

The Future of work is skills-driven

Talent risk was the number one risk to business growth named by CEOs in 2020. It now surpasses even climate change, environmental risk and cyber security as a concern. Although we’re still experiencing mass disruption, the global pandemic has helped us to think differently about how we might manage talent risk in the future through talent intelligence software platforms.

For organisations that have switched to remote working the talent pool is suddenly global. For those who are going through rapid transformation, upskilling and reskilling employees has become a priority. (Maybe you're developing your own talent intelligence analyst for your business?) Reinventing ourselves through learning new skills will be an ongoing part of working life for all of us.   Research from The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) shows that nine in 10 of us must learn new skills, meaning that lifelong learning is something that we need to embrace both personally and as managers. 

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