Lauren Srawley Aug 1 3 min read

My First Week as a Marketing Intern

My first week as a Marketing intern at Stratigens has been an exciting experience so far. As a third year Business Management student who has just graduated, I have already been able to put my knowledge into practice in a new context.

Even before I was offered the position at Stratigens I felt welcome. In my interview Sarah and Alison were approachable and it was clear they cared about me as a person and how I would fit within their team. The same can be said for the rest of the team and their willingness to share their knowledge but also listen to my ideas, it really is true that “everyday is a school day” and everyone is willing to learn.

So far, I have worked on various projects and there are many things in the pipeline that I am excited to execute and see the impact of. It is apparent that at Stratigens nothing seems impossible, no idea is disregarded, and everyone’s opinions are valued. There is a persistence to achieve the full potential of the platform as the team are curious towards the future ability the platform has to empower business leaders in their talent decisions.

I have been given the opportunity to engage in creative content production, as well as discussing new ways to improve the digital and social presence of Strategens. I feel that not only do I have lots to learn from working in such an exciting start up but that my knowledge is valued as an alternative perspective.

Although Software as a Service is a very new industry to me, I am being guided through the adjustment to the intriguing world of Talent Intelligence. It is clear Stratigens put clients at the heart of the company and everything they do! They are transparent about what can be delivered but persistent to deliver elements the clients want to produce maximum client value.

I’m looking forward to the next couple months at Stratigens and learning new skills, but I'm most intrigued to see how my day-to-day work may impact the business.