Sarah Clayton Sep 28

Talent Intelligence Collective Podcast Episode 1 - the one with Annie Chae from Amazon

The Talent Intelligence Collective Podcast 

The one with Annie Chae from Amazon

Welcome to the first episode of the Talent Intelligence Collective Podcast

Whoop, Yey, Hooray! 🎉

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This is what Alan Walker - the editor and host of #Chat Talent had to say about the latest episode of the TIC Podcast.

Hosted by Alan Walker from Udder, Toby Culshaw from Philips and Alison Ettridge from Talent Intuition.

During this episode, we interview our first ever guest, Annie Chae from Amazon. We discuss everything from US talent and how they struggle to produce enough talent to satisfy demand. To LinkedIn’s new functionality.

We also briefly address if there is still a need for companies to create Org charts and what is happening to the world of Talent Intelligence in general.

Finally, we consider key questions such as what are the most common mistakes companies make when creating a talent Intelligence team for the first time? And where should Talent Intelligence sit within an organisation, and who should they report into?

As this is our first episode, we are still experimenting. We may still be a bit rough and ready. We are just going straight into this and trying stuff out.


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