Talent Intelligence Collective Podcast - the one with Megan Reif from Volvo

The Talent Intelligence Collective Podcast 

The one with Megan Reif from Volvo Cars


Welcome to the 29th episode of the Talent Intelligence Collective Podcast


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Alan Walker (the podcast host) describes the episode below:

 Kicking things off, Toby provides an intriguing news roundup spanning topics like the rise of tech hubs in Canada, AI proliferation in HR roles, and the transition towards skills-based organizations. The trends spark thoughtful debate around data architecture challenges in HR, attracting technical talent to people-focused roles, and the complexity of fully adopting skills-based frameworks.

Shifting gears to our interview with Megan Reif, we uncover her eclectic career journey spanning academia, international development, recruiting and more. A recurring theme is Megan’s insatiable curiosity to dig deeper, learn something new and challenge assumptions with data.

Megan provides a fascinating window into the world of automotive manufacturing talent. We explore the intersection of software and hardware, blending agile and waterfall development approaches, and massive talent ecosystems including R&D, factories, suppliers and beyond. Megan emphasizes the highly technical skills involved in areas often dismissed as “blue collar,” like welders who will drive the green transition.

On talent issues, Megan explains how Sweden’s largest private employer collaborates with industry consortia, universities and government around long-term skills gaps like electricians and battery talent needs. We debate how to better expose youth to the exciting real-world opportunities in science, tech and manufacturing. Megan also shares thoughts on balancing national policies around freelance passions, labour market alignment and managed immigration.

Throughout the wide-ranging discussion, Megan underscores how she sees boundless potential for talent intelligence to bring context, challenge assumptions and transform workforce decisions. Her wisdom and optimism leave us delighted to have her perspective, with much still left to explore in future episodes!


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