Talent Intelligence Collective Podcast - the one with Maarten Hansson from Novartis

The Talent Intelligence Collective Podcast 

The one with Maarten Hansson from Novartis


Welcome to the 30th episode of the Talent Intelligence Collective Podcast


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Alan Walker (the podcast host) describes the episode below:

 Welcome back to the Talent Intelligence Collective podcast for another insightful episode! In episode 30, your hosts Alan Walker, Alison Ettridge, and Toby Culshaw are joined by the "workforce geek" himself, Maarten Hansson of Novartis.

Toby kicks off the show with a thought-provoking news segment, covering topics like the war for AI talent, the UK's controversial immigration salary threshold hike, and Latin America's tech talent boom. The discussion sparks debate around the challenges of attracting and retaining top AI talent, the potential impact of immigration policies on various industries, and the factors driving the growth of tech hubs in Latin America.

In the interview with Maarten, we dive deep into his fascinating career journey, spanning roles in the Dutch military, IT engineering, and his transformative experience living and working in India. Maarten shares how his time in India fuelled his passion for leveraging global talent and the importance of consciously choosing how to interact with and manage distributed teams.

Maarten introduces us to the concept of "total workforce" and the proprietary workforce drivers he uses to help organisations make informed decisions about their talent strategies. He emphasises the importance of visibility into all aspects of the workforce, including employees, contingent workers, and outsourced or automated work, to effectively manage costs, risks, and access to talent.

Throughout the conversation, Maarten stresses the value of combining internal workforce data with external labour market insights to provide actionable advice to the business. He shares examples of how his work has triggered procurement teams to change their category strategies, HR to rethink workforce policies, and finance to optimise total workforce costs.

Maarten's unique perspective, shaped by his diverse background in procurement, HR, and engineering, leaves us with a fresh understanding of how talent intelligence can drive transformative workforce decisions. His passion for the topic is infectious, leaving us eager to explore more in future episodes!

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