Talent Intelligence Collective Podcast - the one with Matt Higgs from Ramboll

The Talent Intelligence Collective Podcast 

The one with Matt Higgs from Ramboll


Welcome to the 28th episode of the Talent Intelligence Collective Podcast


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Alan Walker (the podcast host) describes the episode below:

 Welcome back for another captivating episode of the Talent Intelligence Collective podcast! In episode 28, your regular hosts Alan Walker, Alison Ettridge and Toby Culshaw engage in an intriguing discussion with Matt Higgs, Director of Organisational Capability at Ramboll.

Kicking things off, Toby provides the latest news roundup, spanning topics like Corn Ferry’s 2024 talent acquisition trends report, the impacts of an ageing workforce and associated “grey tsunami”, and increased government attention on how AI will transform jobs and workplaces. The trends provide much food for thought on the external factors shaping workforce planning.

Shifting gears to our interview with Matt Higgs, we uncover his varied career journey through recruitment consulting, strategic HR business partner roles, analytics, strategic workforce planning and organisational capability building.

A key theme is the connection between proactive early careers planning and forecasting future talent needs. By scrutinising historical hiring patterns and projecting retirement trends, Matt was able to build a convincing business case for significantly expanding apprenticeship programmes. This demonstrates how data and analytics can transform typically reactive talent acquisition into forward-looking planning.

Matt explains how he has expanded this approach over time, leveraging analytics to bring rigour and metrics to “softer” areas of HR like leadership development. He also shares his experience spearheading a nascent strategic workforce planning pilot, demonstrating how integrated business planning principles can create an “organic” and sustainable planning capability.

Throughout the discussion, Matt emphasises the vital context talent intelligence brings to supplement internal workforce planning. By providing insights on external talent dynamics, TI enables more informed assessments of whether talent gaps can feasibly be addressed through hiring or require alternative solutions. We also cover the importance of translating long-range strategic plans into specific actions for talent acquisition to execute.

The conversation underscores Matt’s invaluable perspective on bringing together analytics, planning, talent intelligence and more to enable superior workforce decisions. His wisdom leaves us eager to have him back for future episodes to share more talent insights!

Until next time, stay intelligent folks, and don't forget to share the podcast!


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