Joanne Rogers Jul 22, 2020 12:00:00 AM 7 min read

Stratigens from Talent Intuition joins the greyhairworks! Community

Innovation specialist greyhairworks! has added Stratigens to its list of curated solution partners. Priding itself on finding gems in the rough, greyhairworks! has a portfolio of marketing, digital and communications tech scale-ups, and is building out a cluster of people-centric solutions. Talent Intuition joins the likes of Atobi and InChorus in a curated collection of innovative tech companies that make real, meaningful business change.

Tired of the smoke and mirrors of wellbeing-washing, diversity-washing and superficial corporate purpose, employees are demanding a more meaningful life at work from their employers. Similarly, companies are developing a more responsible and human-centric approach to business. However, bringing about this positive change starts not with complex lengthy transformation, but through simple digital solutions that move the dial – quickly. Which is where Stratigens’ partnership comes in.

HR has, until now, been behind the curve when it came to the adoption of tech, which means cutting straight to the right solutions is more important than ever before. greyhairworks! is expanding its network of people focused tech providers which is timely as COVID-19 has made HR more visible and influential. greyhairworks! curates groups of tech solutions to meet the specific needs of corporates that want access to true innovation that is new enough to make a difference, but familiar enough to be embraced. 

Alex Meisl, Founder at greyhairworks! says “COVID has shaken everything up and there is an opportunity to do things better. We don’t want companies to be left behind paying large sums for slow, cumbersome solutions that don’t deliver. There are innovative scale-ups out there who can turn the dial for you within weeks. Corporates are facing huge challenges right now, and we deliver the "smarts" to empower them to win.”

Alison Ettridge, Chief Believer at Talent Intuition said: "greyhairworks! is an experienced bunch of (grey haired) guys and girls who are straight talking, focussed and genuinely nice! The introductions to corporates who are looking for innovative solutions helps us cut through the noise. Their new people cluster will be welcomed by senior HR leaders as they look for innovative solutions they can implement at speed. Super exciting for us!"

The greyhairworks! portfolio contains solution partners that solve common corporate headaches in the areas of insights, capability, engagement, and people.  If you want to know more, please visit  And, if you want to see a quick snippet from Stratigens, you can see a short but insightful introduction video here, captured from on the latest greyhairworks! event.


Notes to Editors

A two-minute demo of Stratigens is available here:

About Talent Intuition

We help commercially minded leaders put people at the heart of every strategic decision. Talent Intuition is changing the way that people decisions are made. We help companies to shape strategy and reduce risk by making external human capital data as readily accessible as business intelligence.  We’re passionate about helping businesses make better decisions – with people front of mind.

Talent Intuition™ provides insights to global businesses so they can manage their skill supply chain, optimise where they have people and inform their diversity strategy. We offer Stratigens™, our insights platform that finds, models and analyses data about people, skills and places globally, so companies can make better decisions about their people, organisation and workplaces.


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