Alison Ettridge Jul 9, 2020 12:00:00 AM 5 min read

NEWS RELEASE: Cardiff-Based Tech Start-Up Selected for Innovate UK Programme

Cardiff-based tech start-up, Talent Intuition, has been selected to participate in Innovate UK’s Scaleup Programme.  Funded by Innovate UK and delivered by EEN, the programme supports a select group of companies on a journey to exponential growth.

Admission onto the Scaleup Programme is a rigorous and highly selective process with only around 30 companies being selected.  The selectors are looking for innovative, ambitious, high-growth oriented companies that are already on their scaling journey.

At the centre of the programme is a team of eight high-calibre scaleup directors who operate together as a board and provide each of the companies with a matrix of skills and connectivity. The scaleup directors help participating companies to structure themselves for global growth and work with them to understand the particular set of needs that each company faces on their scaling journey.

Maxine Adam Head of Business Growth, at Innovate UK, speaking about the programme said: “Many businesses have the ambition to scale. But it is not easy for a high-potential business to become a high-performing world-beater. To make that ambition a reality requires a clear strategy, the capability to hire and retain skilled staff, to develop management and leadership capacity, to penetrate new markets and to secure access to finance, and to address all the infrastructure needs of the business.  That is why the Innovate UK and EEN Scaleup Programme has been launched.”

Alison Ettridge, CEO of Talent Intuition said: “We have an ambitious business plan and a commitment to implement it. We know that one of the only ways we can scale is by developing our partnerships programme and gaining access to new channels. Having the advice and experience of the Innovate UK team to help us navigate any blockers to our growth is very exciting for us. We have already benefitted from their input and are genuinely excited to be partnering with such great scale-up directors. We plan to go out for series A funding in 2021 and exposure to the Scaleup Programme will help us drive the scale and growth we need to build a compelling story”.

Created delivered by EEN, and inspired and funded by Innovate UK, the Scaleup Programme 2018 pilot created 165 new jobs, raised £23m in funding and found new stakeholders for 80% of its participants. Bottom of Form


Notes to Editors

A two-minute demo of Talent Intuition’s platform, Stratigens, is available here:

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Companies that combine workforce and workplace intelligence will have a distinct competitive advantage. We help commercially minded leaders put people at the heart of every strategic decision. Talent Intuition is changing the way that people decisions are made. We help companies to shape strategy and reduce risk by making external human capital data as readily accessible as business intelligence.  We’re passionate about helping businesses make better decisions – with people front of mind.

Talent Intuition™ provides insights to global businesses so they can manage their skill supply chain, optimise where they have people and inform their diversity strategy. We offer Stratigens™, our insights platform that finds, models and analyses data about people, skills and places globally, so companies can make better decisions about their people, organisation and workplaces.


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