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Talent Intelligence Collective Podcast Episode 18 - the one with Kim Bryan from AMS

The Talent Intelligence Collective Podcast 

The one with Kim Bryan from AMS


Welcome to the 18th episode of the Talent Intelligence Collective Podcast

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Alan Walker (the podcast host) describes the episode below:

After one of our famous ‘longer than expected’ breaks, we're back strong with what we believe is one of our best episodes yet.

In this episode, Alison Ettridge, Toby Culshaw and I co-hosted an incredibly insightful conversation with Kim Bryan, Head of Global Insights & Intelligence - Sourcing Centre of Excellence at AMS.

Throughout the episode, we cover some meaty old topics. Starting with some recommended listening - yes, we like other podcasts. For example, The IntelliCast Podcast latest episode on How Strategy & Intelligence Work Together at Target gave some great ideas about how Talent Intelligence could mature.

We then discussed the cyber security industry's growth (or potential growth), as a new report has found that Ireland could grow its cybersecurity workforce to more than 17,000 by 2030.

Yet the most prominent factor restricting it is the lack of qualified individuals.

“I’m going to sound like a broken record, but this is yet another example of how we (as countries) must learn to tie in our economic growth ambitions with education.”

Alison Ettridge

Stemming from the news of Eightfold AI entering into a partnership with the US Defence Innovation Unit, tasked with creating a platform to identify undiscoverable expertise within the Department, we discussed the age-old question. Should companies start hiring individuals based on their skills, not their existing job title?

“The potential for this is HUGE. The pandemic has accelerated this to a degree. People have had the time to fine-tune skills and learn new ones. Especially when learning code, website development, and other things have never been easier.” 

Kim Bryan

Believed that to be enough news and insights - as informative as it was - Alison was eager to start questioning our guest, Kim. With questions like: "How has her team at AMS changed over her five years with them", and "What does a typical workday look like".  And “How do you present your findings? How much detail should you include?”

“The important thing to remember is being mindful of who your end-user will be. From Heads of Talent Acquisition to HR to the CFOs or CEOs. That will inform how big that piece of insight is, the terminology you use, and the whole set-up.” 

Kim Bryan

We’ve definitely mentioned this on the podcast before. While the insights are interesting to us for most clients or end-users, they are simply looking for direction on what to do next and where to look.

“I most likely say this countless times a day. “So what?” Whether it’s a small tactical piece or a huge strategic one if you don’t have that, it’s just data and stakeholders using it if they don’t know what to do with it.”

Kim Bryan

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