Sarah Clayton Aug 4

Talent Intelligence Collective Podcast Episode 12 - the one with Eric Moskowitz

The Talent Intelligence Collective Podcast 

The one with Eric Moskowitz from  Modern Executive Solutions


Alan Walker (the podcast host) describes the episode below:

In this episode me - Alan Walker - Alison Ettridge and Nick Brooks co-hosted an incredibly insightful conversation with Eric Moskowitz Head of Talent Intelligence and Analytics at Modern Executive Solutions.LISTEN NOW

In Toby's absence, the role of leading us through the news section - highlighting the compelling and thought-inducing hot topics around Talent Intelligence - fell upon me.

So, bear with me as we work out way through Toby's list, which luckily he managed to collate and pull together for me.

The first interesting piece that I was eager to talk about revolved around the increase in US Workforce volatility. With the unemployment rate down nearly 50% year-over-year, almost every job category showed a significant volatility increase in Q2.

What I found really fascinating about this report were the sectors that saw the most change. Categories like: Public Safety, Military and Skilled Trade. Which are not the typical sectors we would be seeing with these increases in volatility.


- Alison Ettridge

I think it's because people have been sitting in their houses for the past 15ish months. And now that they have the opportunity to run away or go on that trip of a lifetime - they don't want to wait any longer.


- Eric Moskowitz

With many of us reprioritising what is important, the lure of truly flexible working is causing a massive shift in the corporate world. With many employees shifting industries and sectors on the hunt for that flexibility and possibility higher quality of life.

Transitioning our conversation smoothly onto our final piece of worldly news from the Future of Education, we discussed the fundamental disconnect between the UK's modern education system and the job market requirements.


- Alison Ettridge

What is crazy to me is that the Common Entrance Exam I took 30ish years ago, is exactly the same today. And yet the skills you need now are completely different.


- Nick Brooks

To add to your point Alison. What about emotional intelligence? Or soft skills? How do we prepare the next generation to operate and think in different ways so that they can hit the workforce with a different perspective? There is a fundamental redesign that needs to happen.


At this point, I felt like we had heard everyone's opinion about the world and its news, and we were eager to find out more about our guest, Eric. About his world and his background. So, I virtually passed the mic onto our resident hard-hitting interview extraordinaires - Alison and Nick (while I took a see back and put my feet up).As ex-reporter for Bloomberg, Alison and Nick were curious to know how Eric had transitioned into Talent Intelligence and his learnings from journalism into his role today.

We then discussed what are some of the best primary or human intelligence gathering practices out there. What type of success could you experience with consistent collection practices. And how to help a client diagnose internal business opportunities versus external business landscapes and competition