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Talent Intelligence Collective Podcast Episode 25 featuring Anastasiia Kolos from Nexperia

The Talent Intelligence Collective Podcast 

The one with Anastasiia Kolos from Nexperia


Welcome to the 25th episode of the Talent Intelligence Collective Podcast


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Alan Walker (the podcast host) describes the episode below:

Welcome back, dear listeners and readers, to another episode of the Talent Intelligence Collective Podcast! But fear not. This episode is 100% robot-free. In this riveting episode, we (the usual motley crew of myself, Alan Walker, Alison Ettridge and Toby Culshaw) had the pleasure of diving deep into the world of Talent Intelligence with the brilliant Anastasiia Kolos.

We kick off this milestone episode with Toby taking the reins to provide us with the latest updates in the world of Talent Intelligence. Toby enlightens us about an intriguing product called dot ai, which demonstrated an AI-driven sales conversation, making us ponder the future of AI in recruitment and sales.

Alison chimes in about the skills-based hiring trend that's gaining momentum. LinkedIn's research on skills-based hiring in the European labour market and how the shift away from traditional degrees toward skills-based qualifications are causing ripples in the talent pool. However, we acknowledge that while skills-based hiring is exciting, its practical implementation presents numerous challenges.

Now, shifting our focus to the main topic of this episode - our amazing guest, Anastasiia Kolos, Alison takes the lead in asking all the right questions.

Anastasiia's journey into Talent Intelligence began with a fortunate encounter during her master's program in strategic management. Little did she know that this chance encounter would set her on a path to becoming a thought leader in the field.

"Exploring the whole new world of being in a big corporate environment was like solving a complex puzzle."

Anastasiia Kolos

Her experience at Philips, a global giant, provided her with a remarkable training ground. She gained exposure to the inner workings of a corporate powerhouse, from mergers and acquisitions to strategic execution. This experience has been invaluable in her current role at Nexperia.

One of the key takeaways from our conversation is the importance of shifting the conversation from hiring individuals to addressing an organization's broader strategic challenges.

"Understanding the broader strategy is the first step to providing meaningful Talent Intelligence insights."

Anastasiia Kolos

The world of Talent Intelligence is evolving, and Anastasiia shed light on how it plays a pivotal role in addressing talent shortages—a pressing issue in her industry, semiconductors. However, what makes it even more intriguing is the simultaneous existence of talent shortages and oversupply in other areas of the industry.

Market intelligence and competitive insights are also on Anastasiia's radar. She emphasized the importance of understanding how different elements within an organization interconnect to provide more meaningful insights to drive success.

Looking forward, Anastasiia envisions the future of Talent Intelligence as an integrated approach that combines internal and external data sources. By harmonizing workforce strategy, future of work initiatives, and Talent Intelligence, organizations can better answer the "So what?" question and act on insights effectively.

It has been a pleasure having Anastasiia Kolos as our guest, sharing her profound insights and experiences in the dynamic field of Talent Intelligence.  And, as always, your support means the world to us. Be sure to tune in to the full episode and share your thoughts with us. Until next time – stay intelligent!

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