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Talent Intelligence Collective Podcast Episode 23 featuring Adrian Malatesta from Remitly.

The Talent Intelligence Collective Podcast 

The one with Adrian Malatesta from Remitly


Welcome to the 23rd episode of the Talent Intelligence Collective Podcast

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Alan Walker (the podcast host) describes the episode below:

In this ‘not a milestone’ episode, my amazing co-hosts Toby Culshaw and Alison Ettridge and I welcomed the incredible Adrian Malatesta from Remitly. After our usual pleasantries, Toby dived straight in with his update on all that is happening within the world of talent intelligence.

 2023 started in the worst way possible, talent-wise, with so many roles being laid off. According to, there have already been 40,474 tech jobs cut in January 2023 from 151 different countries.

“I read an article on this. It really isn’t about decline. What we are seeing is a revision to the norm after companies hired at a new rate in 2021/2022.”

Alison Ettridge

Looking to move towards some slightly more ‘sunshine positive’ news, we were thrilled to hear that Josh Bersin highlighted Talent Intelligence as a critical area of focus for many companies in 2023.

The hated term, ‘war for talent’, may be a thing of the past as companies also start to focus more on skills. Ensuring that even as unneeded roles are eliminated, employees with critical skills are retained and redeployed to different areas. At this point, I felt we had heard everyone’s opinion about the world and its news, and we were eager to learn more about our guest, Adrian. About his world and his background. So, I virtually passed the mike onto our resident hard-hitting interviewer extraordinaire – Alison.

There is research that shows that 75% of C-suite leave an organisation within three years of acquisition. So, is that where the use of Talent Intelligence comes in?

“I think in the early stages, maybe. We go back a lot to our conversation from before about skill sets. Answering the question – are we buying and acquiring the skills we need”.

Adrian Malatesta

During the Talent Intelligence Jamboree back in November, Adrian touched on the topic of Global expansion and location, and here on the podcast, we talk a lot about joining the dots between the labour market, economy and locations. What other dots should be connected for maximum insight in terms of Talent Intelligence?

"Probably a mix of qualitative aspects. Like immigration, culture & values, and DEI. And their overlay on data.”

Adrian Malatesta.

As always, we hope that you enjoy the episode.

Till the next one – stay intelligent!

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