Joanne Rogers Feb 9, 2022 11:32:35 AM 8 min read

Driving the Electric Revolution

It’s no secret that there is a shortage of power electronics, machines and drives industry (PEMD) skills in the UK. Stratigens is proud to be running one of 14 projects, in collaboration with Innovate UK, that will develop innovative tools to help businesses expand their PEMD talent base.

We are looking to work with large companies, and SMEs within their supply chains, that employ people with PEMD skills and those who will need to increase their PEMD talent base.

Why participate?

  • Be part of the first project of its kind to develop a skills taxonomy focused on PEMD skills.
  • Gain insight into the skills being used in PEMD, skills clusters, and adjacent skills and industries that will help close the PEMD skills gap.
  • Learn more about the pathways for both new entrants and existing engineers with PEMD skills.
  • Join our workshops with other companies looking to increase their supply of PEMD skills to help us shape the taxonomy around your needs and requirements.
  • Access Stratigens at a discounted rate during the project to better understand PEMD supply, demand, diversity, and talent flow.


About the project

Stratigens’ Driving the Electric Revolution programme is running from February to April 2022 supported by a grant from Innovate UK to develop the UK’s PEMD landscape. As one of 14 projects designed to fill immediate gaps in skills, talent and training for the PEMD industry, the goal of our work is to gain a better understanding of PEMD requirements today, the need for the future and likely demand. Data from this project will be the basis for a PEMD module in Stratigens.

How to get involved

To find out more, request a call back by clicking the link below or contact us on : +44 (0)29 2035 141 

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