Shelley Quick Sep 9 3 min read

My Stratigens Experience- Shelley Quick

I started my Sales Internship at Stratigens in July 2022. Within the first week I developed a basic understanding of how the company works, and I also got to know the team. The employees at Stratigens were very friendly and therefore made me feel welcome from the beginning of my internship.

While I was at Stratigens I learnt how to manage my time effectively by staying organised as I was given a range of tasks to complete. Initially, Alison Ettridge, the CEO of Stratigens, gave the Marketing Intern and I a confidential project. We had to design a face to represent the company. After this was completed, we made an animation of it. This piece of work was important because not only does Stratigens now have a figurehead but the Marketing Intern and I developed a strong work relationship.

I am currently going into my second year at university therefore, to have worked for a company related to my degree has been an amazing opportunity and a privilege. To add, I couldn’t have worked for a better company. I always felt heard because the team encourages learning from one another as, “every day is a school day.”

This placement has built my confidence at university because I can connect the content that I am learning about to the knowledge I gained at Stratigens.

I enjoyed my internship at Stratigens, I am looking forward to hopefully working with Alison and the team again!

All the best, Shelley.